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 ACP FISH II is a demand-driven Programme, in the sense that it tries to respond to the requests made by the beneficiaries, according to an overall rationale and common understanding of the needs at country and regional level. The process of selecting projects and priorities has been conducted with transparency and with the involvement of all concerned stakeholders, thus ensuring  their commitment (mainly by fisheries Administrations) in the Programme implementation. The beneficiaries had the opportunity to identify and agree on the priorities for the activities/projects to be developed.  Final approval of the action plans ensures the countries and Regional Fisheries Bodies commitment facilitated through the appointment of focal persons to liaise with each ACP Fish Regional Facilitation Unit ( RFU ).


Here you can find details of all ongoing and completed projects carried out in the framework of the ACP Fish II Programme. Please use the buttons on the left hand side menu to find the relevant projects. You can either choose the overview of all projects carried out across all the regions covered by the Programme, or specify by region.

Final Technical Reports and other outputs from projects can be followed in the Project Summary page. Follow the left menu to analyse each  Project Summary and read reportsLink to  an example for a PE2  project in Southern Africa. 


ACP FISH II is implemented through two Operational Programme Estimates (PEs).The 1st Operational PE (PE1) covered the period from February 2010 to June 2011.

 A 2nd PE (PE2) was signed in December 2010 to cover the remaining period from June 2011 to November  2012 . During the 3rd  Steering Committee held in Gaborone the following targets were revised and approved by its members:

  • Western Africa: 24 projects with the overall amount of €2,385,646;
  • Central Africa : 25 projects with the overall amount of €1,703,738;
  • Eastern Africa: 24 projects with the overall amount of €2,574,861;
  • Southern Africa: 25 projects with the overall amount of €2,021,774;
  • Caribbean: 24 projects with the overall amount of €3,065118;
  • Pacific: 21 projects with the overall amount of €2,481,520

The Steering Committee agreed with the proposed amendments to the Programme Estimate 2 and Financing Agreement and the mobilization of contingencies. Regional Action Plans with all projects and the ammended plans are filed in Documents.

Please use the buttons on the left hand side menu to find the relevant projects in each region


 It is also possible, using the registration form to register yourself as an independent consultant or consultancy firm interested in participating in future projects.

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