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Gabon, 24-25 Nov 2009


The Regional Needs Assessment workshop for the Central African region of the ACP Fish II Programme took place in Libreville, Gabon, on 24 and 25 November 2009. In total, there were 16 participants in this workshop. 6 countries were represented: Cameroun, Congo, Gabon, RD Congo, S. Tomé & Principe and Chad. Furthermore, 3 RFB/RFOs participated: CEEAC, COREP and CEBEVIRA.


A summary of the workshop's main conclusions can be found below. For the full report of the workshop, please click here [Workshop Report in French].


The workshop was split into two working groups – one for marine fisheries and the other for inland fisheries and aquaculture. The groups identified the areas where the main support by the Programme is needed:

-     Support to devise/update fisheries policy instruments and their implementation and enforcement; awareness of those instruments by all fisheries administrations and other stakeholders;

-     TA to assess and implement legislative frameworks, at national and regional level; awareness of those legal instruments by the fishery industry (companies and fishers);

-     Studies and TA to support the implementation of the EU IUU Regulation, namely concerning fish and fish products certification and traceability;

-     Institutional capacity building and training to strengthening fisheries planning and management, data collection and MCS;

-     Institutional capacity for VMS enforcement at national and regional level and training of inspectors on board and on port;

-     Regional cooperation and coordination of ACP FISH II activities with projects from other donors/partners (GCLME, NEPAD, ADB, FAO-EAF).


The working groups stated that the support needed should address both marine and inland fisheries and aquaculture.