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Feb 19, 2013

ACP Fish II Programme is looking for a Fisheries Expert to carry out a short -term project in Zambia

The consultant will:

  1. Brief with Regional Manager for Southern Africa (RM for SA) of ACP Fish II and with DoF to discuss objective of the assignment, contents of the implementation  plan and  agree on the work plan ;
  2. In consultation with DoF, establish a  Technical Team (TT) which will be involved in the project implementation;
  3. Collect relevant documentation, information and data;
  4. Carry out field visits and consult with stakeholders to gather relevant inputs on best practices  in elaboration of implementation plan;
  5. Devise a draft implementation plan to be presented and discussed with the TT and DoF; and
  6. Present the final implementation plan to key stakeholders in a meeting and prepare the final document according to suggestions ad comments received.

The indicative number of working days for this expert is 22.

Expected outputs:

The implementation plan for the KFMP devised and approved by the Department of Fisheries.

Experience and qualification of the consultant:

The selected consultant should be able to demonstrate a successful track record of consultancy engagements in a field related to this Terms of Reference.

Qualifications and skills

  • A degree or equivalent in a relevant subject area (e.g.  Fisheries management, Economics, Statistics, Information Technologies);
  • The expert should have a high level of proficiency in written and spoken English.

General professional experience

  • Minimum 5years of experience in fisheries governance and management issues  with particular expertise in inland and fresh water fisheries;
  • Good communication, report-writing and project management skills.

Specific professional experience

  • Previous experience in designing fisheries management and implementation plans;
  • Experience in the region/country.

The project is expected to start as soon as the expert is recruited (final date to be agreed with the Department of Fisheries) and will be implemented during a period of 4 months.

Please note that this is a Global price contract of 9800 already including fees, per diems, international and national travel expenses and incidentals. No additional fees or reimbursement can be claimed.

 If you are interested so pls submit a CV in the format in annex to