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The ACP FISH II Programme is a 4.5-year programme financed by the European Development Fund on behalf of ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of states) countries. The aim of the programme is to improve fisheries management in ACP countries so as to ensure that fisheries resources under the jurisdiction of these countries are exploited in a sustainable manner.

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Synergies between ACP Fish II and the draft ACP Strategic Action Plan for Fisheries and Aquaculture

The Third meeting of the ACP Ministers responsible for fisheries was held in Nadi (Fiji) on 18 June 2012, addressing the theme of Partnerships for sustainable development of the fisheries sector in ACP countries

The meeting provided an opportunity for ACP Ministers for fisheries to invigorate the ACP Ministerial Fisheries Mechanism by adopting a 5 year Strategic Plan of Action (SAPFA).

The meeting also adopted a set of Resolutions addressing key issues for ACP States in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors.

The Strategic Plan of Action sets in place the following five strategic Priority areas for future action:

  • Effective Management for Sustainable Fisheries
  • Promoting Optimal Returns from Fisheries Trade
  • Supporting Food Security in ACP Countries
  • Developing Aquaculture
  • Maintaining the Environment

There is a clear convergence between ACP Fish II objectives (as reflected in its 5 components) and SAPFA Strategic Priorities (SP) and Key Result Areas (KRA), in particular

  • Support to the devising/reviewing/updating of policy and legal frameworks contributes to the strengthening of fisheries governance (including institutional frameworks, improving compliance, update of fisheries research programs) (KRA1);
  • Support to the development of MCS strategies to tackle IUU fishing and to the management of fishing fleets (excess capacity) (KRA 2)
  • Reinforcement of regional cooperation through specific support to RFBs and engagement with Regional Economic Organizations (KRA 4) 
  • Trade in fisheries and aquaculture products (access to markets thru capacity building/training (KRA 5), overcome technical barrier by supporting the development of catch certification schemes compliant with EU IUU regulation) (KRA 6)
  • Support to small-scale fisheries (policy and legal framework, capacity building) (KRA 10)
  • Support the development of aquaculture (baseline studies, policy and legal framework) (KRA 12)

The ACP Fisheries Mechanism through the SAPFA can build on ACP Fish II initiatives by ensuring their follow-up by relevant administrations and organizations and by informing donors 


Rules governing the way in which ACP Fish II contracts are awarded

 The  European Commission has launched in January 2012 a new Practical Guide with the rules governing the way in which ACP Fish II contracts are awarded. Procedures established by the European Commission for procurement under the relevant EU external aid programmes are consolidated in this Practical Guide.

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